Topics from Greenspan

posted Apr 18, 2009, 9:37 AM by Jason Karp

1)      At some point we might want to bring in a great, balanced speaker who can moderate a discussion on whether the current extraordinary government economic reaction to the credit bust is an effective path, or will lead the country to disaster?  And what steps protect us from the potential disaster path?  What are the signposts to look for to determine if we’re going over the cliff?  Normally I’d want to stay away from economic topics so we could broaden our focus but given the uniqueness of our time and the potential impact on our children and grandchildren this is worth consideration.


2)      What has worked and no worked when trying to bring up healthy kids in an environment where people are well off financially?


3)      Mortality.  What can we do to develop a healthy relationship to our own?  How can we prepare for it?  Perhaps too tied to religious beliefs.


4)      Purposeful practice?  What is it really?  What are the best tools and pitfalls?